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Student Spotlight


Meet FWCS Virtual Academy student, Estrella! She is in the Class of 2027. She says she learns a lot from her mama Rosa.

Douglas is her older brother and her half sister Autumn is younger than her, Essy is a role model for her.

So, what does she LOVE? She’s into dancing, cooking, hanging out with friends, she really vibes to K-Pop, and she admires the world!

What about television? She says she has no favorite show, but Extraordinary Attorney seems to have captured her attention. She likes video games, but states that half the time she doesn’t know what she’s doing, so she wings it!

At one time she played soccer, defense was her specialty. But now her time is taken up with dance. She’s not sure it’s considered a sport, but it is high on her list currently.

She loves to see concerts! She recently got the chance to see Stray Kids and blackpink. Other musicians that Essy pays attention to TXT, Twice, Itzy, and NCT. One recent change is that she been getting into Bad Bunny lately.

Essy does read sometimes, but she is concentrating on finishing the school year very strong! She’s using strategies that help her stay on top of her assignments, and she’s well ahead of where she was last year at this time.